A Modern Medical Marvel: The Benefits of MRI Imaging Technology

MRI scan technologyHospitals all around the world are using magnetic resonance imaging scans to diagnose conditions and monitor the progress of treatment. The use of electromagnetic waves to produce detailed images of internal organs is a huge leap in medical science.

Millions of people have benefited from the revolutionary technology. Magnetic resonance imaging services in International Falls such as those from institutions such as rainylakemedical.com continue to help patients of all ages.

What does an MRI see?

Doctors use images detected by the MRI scan to analyze tissues of the body, which are otherwise inaccessible without surgical procedures. The non-invasive nature of an MRI scan is its biggest advantage as a diagnostic tool.

By using magnetic and radio waves, the scanner can reveal problems with the brain, the heart, as well as the liver and other organs of the digestive system. It can also reveal tumors in the lungs, prostate, and uterus. An MRI scan is also helpful in pinpointing tissues, which may be causing chronic low back pain.

Doctors often recommend MRI scan for conditions that are difficult to diagnose. Researchers use them as well. MRI technology is helpful in diagnosing musculoskeletal, respiratory, endocrine, reproductive, cardiovascular, neurologic, genito-urinary, and gastrointestinal problems.

Earlier detection of problems may lead to better prognosis and a possible cure for the illness.

MRI versus CT scan

MRI technology is painless and provides detailed results. Another type of diagnostic procedures offers similar advantages – the CT scan, or computerized tomography. Nevertheless, there are key differences as to their nature and properties.

While MRI scans utilize magnetic and radio waves, CT scans use X-rays or radiation, and a computer program creates images from the images detected by the X-rays taken at various angles. Both scans see through skin and bones, but the images produced by MRI scans are more detailed.

Because of the more advanced technology, used MRI scans are more costly than CT scans.

Magnetic resonance imaging is an important tool for physicians and researchers worldwide. The images give medical professionals information otherwise unavailable using only physical examination.