5 Invisalign Truths You Need To Know

Invisalign in LondonNot everyone is born with the perfect bite. Blame it on genetics, lifestyle habits or what have you but there comes a time when dental braces become a part of life. Good thing, technology advances have come up with newer options for patients.

If you don’t like the horrors of traditional braces, patients can get Invisalign treatment from clinics like freshdental.co.uk in London, UK instead. If you’re thinking of taking the same path, here are some Invisalign truths you need to know.

It’s a commitment

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are removable but you need to wear then at least 20 hours a day. Doctors recommend keeping them on 22 hours for best results and that means keeping them on while you eat, sleep, work and workout.

You really need to brush in between meals

Same with traditional braces, you do need to brush in between meals. That’s another item in your Invisalign commitment list.

You do need to limit caffeine and alcohol intake

Wine, tea, soda and coffee can stain your teeth. If you’re wearing Invisalign, your need to remove the trays before you drink. That means goodbye to leisurely drinking or limiting your intake altogether.

You need to have them changed every two weeks

While the schedule highly depends on your dentist’s overall treatment plan, there are aligners that need to be changed in a fast as 10 days, while some require two to three weeks. It is important that you follow your dentist’s instruction because if worn correctly, Invisalign treatment can be shortened depending on your teeth’s performance and your commitment.

Kissing can be a problem…well, not really

You can very well kiss someone even with your trays on, but getting intimate is another story. You don’t need to kiss your sex life goodbye just because you are going through a dental treatment. Just remove the trays! And this is probably one of the reasons why many people, especially adults, prefer Invisalign to traditional braces.

Is it For You?

It seems that Invisalign is winning over patients in terms of comfort and flexibility but only your dentist can recommend if this orthodontic appliance is the right type for you. If you’re thinking of getting an Invisalign treatment, consult your doctor first so he can create a comprehensive dental plan for you.