4 Essential Ski Holiday Pointers for First-Time Skiers

Ski Holiday in St. AntonThe challenge to conquer the slopes is a thrilling adventure that many look forward to. However, there are those who have yet tried skiing. For first-timers, take note of the following pointers to triumph over the beginner slopes.

Choose a Ski Chalet

As much as you want to save on costs (thanks to the many affordable ski packages offered today), do not scrimp on your initial ski holiday. As you are still unfamiliar with a lot of things, get accommodations at an official ski chalet in St. Anton that offer everything — meals, drinks and other amenities and services. As it is, you can at least enjoy the ambience even if you fail at skiing.

Borrow Equipment

You do not have prior experience to skiing, so do not 'invest' in costly equipment. Apart from having no idea how to use them, you are not sure if you can (or are willing to) ski next winter. Ski chalets have rental services for skiing and safety gear. Start using those until you get the hang of the sport.

Buy Your Outfit

In contrast, you should buy the right outfit to wear on the slopes before your trip. Take note that typical winter outfits are different from the standard skiing clothes, so do ask friends who are into skiing for recommendations. If you have none, ask the attendants at the ski shop for advice.

Check for Lessons

When making reservations for your board and lodging, make reservations for beginner lessons as well. It gives you the chance to ask as many questions as you want and get expert answers. You can ask what you need to prepare (other than the necessary gear) before taking lessons, as well. Most likely, you will receive suggestions to get fit before your holiday.

Regardless of how your lessons turn out, be happy to know that your holiday is still worth it if you followed everything in the list. After all, skiing chalets offer more than just ski lessons and you should make the most of your stay. Do not forget that you should have fun while on the slopes.