4 Dental Issues People Over 50 Face

Dental Clinic in IndianapolisAs people get older, they face more dental problems. And because of these issues, they tend to lose a number of teeth once they hit their senior years. If you’re over the age of fifty right now, watch out for the following dental issues:

  1. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is not only popular among kids. People over fifty are also prone to cavities, as the root of their tooth becomes softer as they get older. The use of fluoride prescription gel can help make your teeth stronger. However, if you already have a weak tooth, it is better to have dental crowns as recommended by Indianapolis dental practice, Gentle Dentist from.

  1. Gum Disease

The loss of teeth is usually associated with periodontal disease. If you have lost a few teeth, have your gums checked by a dentist. In addition, recent studies say that a gum disease can put your heart at risk of serious medical problems.

  1. Tooth Crowding

As people age, they experience teeth shift. If you have overlapping teeth that you ignored to correct when you were a teen, you are likely to have more dental issues. Worse cases of misaligned teeth can make your teeth harder to clean, leading to tooth decay and cavities. Also, this problem can lead to tooth erosion, which could damage the supporting tissue and bone.

  1. Mouth Cancer

Often associated with excessive smoking and alcohol drinking, oral cancer is likely to affect older people. The bad news is only around fifty percent of people with this cancer survive the disease. If you detect it at its early stages, you have an 80% chance of survival. So, it is important that your regular dental exam includes a test for oral cancer.

Dental care is essential no matter how old you are. But as the risk of dental problems is higher when you get older, taking extra care of your teeth on this stage is crucial. Brush and floss regularly, and never put dental appointments at the bottom of your priorities.