3 Ways to Really Connect with Friends in Person

Coffee with friendsWith the advent and sudden rise of the Internet and social media over the years, people are now connecting to other people online more than they do in person. Even when people get together, most of them have their heads buried to their smartphones. If you are part of the few who hates this change, you need to find more effective ways to prevent your friends from using their phones when you get together. Here are some places to do that.

Coffee Shops

Some of the most memorable conversations happen over coffee. That makes coffee shops such great places to catch up with friends you don’t see that often. Ourhotels.com.au recommends finding cafes in Nundah that don’t have free Wi-Fi so you can focus on connecting with the people you are with. If not, then just make a rule that nobody is allowed to use their phone. This way, you can truly enjoy a great and valuable time with them.


Going to secluded beaches is another effective way to connect with other people. The less developed the beach or island is, the more bonding moments you could create with each other. You can spend the day swimming and enjoying the ocean, then spend the night either laying down on the sand or circling a bonfire. Make the sound of the waves your background music and the stars up above the witness to your wonderful conversations.


Another great way to connect with your friends is by spending the night together at someone’s house for a sleepover. This way, you can have more time to do things you’ve missed doing together. You can catch up on your current lives and look back on the fondest moments you’ve shared together. You can also cook meals, watch movies, play games, and sing songs together.

Plan a get-together with your closest friends, and this time, put your phones down and really connect.