3 Things to Do Before Getting an Injury Massage

therapist doing calf massageThere are many types of massages and some of them sound exotic. But if you’re getting an injury or a sports massage, remember that the purpose is not the only thing that’s different. The technique and the timing also differ from the traditional massages being offered in many spas today.

Here are some things to do before getting an injury massage. Remember these if you’re researching for injury massage in Salt Lake City.

1. Eat a light meal before the massage

You need at least three hours downtime before you can get a massage, and make sure that the pre-massage meal is a light one. You can eat a hearty meal after. Why is the pre-appointment meal so important, you ask? This is because you’ll be lying face down during the massage and it can quite uncomfortable to do that with a full stomach.

2. Hydrate well

If you have stiff muscles, then chances are you might be dehydrated too. And that can be quite painful. Make sure you arrive at the clinic well hydrated. Be careful about what you use to hydrate, though. If you drink soda, coffee, or any alcoholic beverage, it can dehydrate you more and could be uncomfortable. Stick to plain water for now. Besides, the goal is get rid of toxins in your body.

3. Manage your expectations

First of all, don’t expect a spa-like treatment for injury massages. This is not a pampering session. It’s a healing session for your tired muscles. You’ll be stretched and moved around, so it’s a good idea to read more about injury massages before going to your first appointment.

Injury massages promote the healing of your muscles. It’s also advisable to be prepared to answer your therapist’s questions and bring necessary paperwork to the clinic, like a prescription of medications you’re taking. This way, your therapist can have a better idea of how to do the injury massage based on your condition.