3 Ingredients to a Successful and Memorable Wedding Proposal

Engagement RingsWhen you’ve found the one, you couldn’t wait to ask her to marry you and spend the rest of your life with her. If you’re planning to propose to your longtime girlfriend, you need to be extra careful to give her what she deserves and only the best. Here are three ingredients of a memorable and special wedding proposal that you should plan for so you could make the moment last a lifetime.

The Surprise

Don’t spoil the surprise to your girlfriend by telling many people about your plans. Sure, you can disclose your plan to propose to at least two people if you need their help, but don’t go beyond that number. The more people who know about the proposal, the more chances it will spread. One way or another, it will reach your girlfriend. Keep everything under wraps and be subtle about it when inviting your girlfriend out when the day of the proposal comes.

The Ring

Of course, you can’t propose without a ring. Some guys think it’s okay not to have an engagement ring ready with the excuse that they want the girl to pick the ring themselves. However, that is a lame and thoughtless excuse. Your girl will definitely appreciate it if you make an effort to find the perfect ring. Show your love and commitment by going to a custom jewelry store for that specifically made ring for her.

The Words

The things that will truly stick to your girlfriend and become memorable are the words you’ll say to her when you propose. This is a moment you will only cherish and get once, so make sure you say everything you need to say to her to get the response you’ve always wanted. Just be true to your feelings for her and it will be the most romantic proposal ever.

Remember these three keys to give your girlfriend and hopefully fiancé the most unforgettable wedding proposal she deserves.