3 Daily Habits That are Bad for Your Eyes

optical instruments for examines the sightIn a study, researchers found that while 94% of Americans have good vision, about 14 million people (or 6% of the population) are suffering from visual impairment. What’s more alarming is that over 11 million have visual impairments that are left unaddressed, including nearsightedness.

It’s important to visit an eye doctor at least once a year to spot any possible problem. It’s also equally important to correct any bad habit that could ruin your eyes, and here are some of them. Keep these in mind and make sure to visit your doctor in Maple Grove eye clinic regularly for a vision assessment.

Not wearing sunglasses.

Most of you already know that too much sun exposure is bad for the skin. Unfortunately, the same can be said for your eyes. High exposure to UV rays can result in eye problems, including cataracts. Even on a cloudy day, make sure you have ample eye protection so you can protect your eyes.

Expired eye makeup.

Even if you’re not a makeup junkie, if the eye makeup you wear is already expired, it could lead to infections. Eye makeup usually last three to four months only, particularly eye shadow and mascara. The natural bacteria in your eyes can be transferred to the eye makeup and could lead to bacterial growth. Gross, right? Make sure that you know how to store and clean your makeup paraphernalia, too.

Too much screen time.

Staring at smartphones, tablets, computer screens, and television is not just bad for children, but also for people across all age groups. You could suffer from headaches, blurred vision, and dizziness if you stare at screens for too long without a break. While many people can’t help but stare at their laptops all day, make sure you take frequent and regular breaks.

You only have one pair of eyes so love them. If you’re guilty of these bad eye habits, correct them so you can prevent vision problems or reduce the risk of worsening your eye condition in the long run.