3 Celebrity Mansions with Outrageous Price Tags

Mansions A lot of homeowners today think about improving the values of their homes. After all, having a home with a high value means your house isn’t just a place to live in, it is a great asset. It also means you’ll get more when you decide to sell.

Celebrities also want the best possible values for their homes. This is why their homes also feature exquisite architecture, Brisbane fine art from twfineart.com and truly unique facilities. With their almost unlimited budgets, celebrities have done extraordinary things to increase their property values.

Here are three celebrity homes worth millions:

1. Will Smith’s Calabasas Home

The house has a massive floor area and stands on more than 600,000 square metres of land and also features various sports facilities. This mansion is an athlete’s paradise. Well-known magazines have featured the home for its unique architecture that combines styles from different cultures. The house was put up on the market in late 2013 for a whopping USD42 million.

2. Billy Joel’s Beachfront Mansion in Miami

The famous musician was once the proud owner of an almost 825 square metre mansion that has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and great views of Miami’s oceanfront. It also has yacht parking. Joel has since sold this property for more than USD13 million dollars to an Italian businessman.

3. Hugh Hefner’s World-famous Playboy Mansion

The estate’s price has steadily gone up from the time it was bought in the 1970s for one million US dollars. It is now worth almost USD55 million, valued as much for its history as for its actual worth.

There are two things, however, that may surprise you about it–Hefner actually pays rent for staying in the mansion and that this mansion isn’t the original. The original Playboy mansion is in Chicago and is now a rather unique looking seven-unit condominium.

There are ways of increasing your home’s value even on a non-celebrity budget. You could start doing renovations, landscaping your garden and upgrading the kitchen.